Protesters in face veils march against Denmark's new burqa ban

Demonstrators wear face veils to protest Denmark's burqa ban.

Copenhagen, Denmark (CNN)Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the Danish capital of Copenhagen wearing burqas and other face veils Wednesday to protest a law against facial coverings, saying the legislation oppresses some Muslim women and violates their rights.

Denmark joins several other European nations restricting face coverings. France banned the full face veil in 2011, while Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and parts of Switzerland have restrictions in place. Other European countries have debated the issue.
Protester Sabina says the law will radically change her life.
The Danish law was passed in May and came into effect Wednesday, meaning people found wearing facial coverings in public could be fined from 1,000 Danish krone ($157), for a first offense, up to 10,000 krone ($1,565) for a fourth violation.
Several women wearing niqabs -- which fully cover the body but leave the eye area open -- said this would make it very difficult for them to leave their homes, whether to take their children to school, grocery shop, or just move around their communities. The burqa covers the entire body and has mesh in the eye area.
    A Muslim protester -- Sabina, who gave only her first name and wears a niqab -- said it would have "huge consequences" on her life.
    "Every time I step outside my front door, I am a criminal. I have to stay in my house, isolated. I cannot go to the grocery store, I cannot go out," she told CNN.
    "Wearing this is an important spiritual choice for me. And now it is also a sign of protest. Every time the government does this, they make me firmer in my belief."
    The ban has been ridiculed for its vague language -- and for outlawing all facial coverings in public -- despite its backers clearly stating that its real target is the Islamic face veil. Anything from ski masks and fake beards to scarves covering the face could be seen as illegal. Police said they would not enforce the ban during Wednesday's protest because people had the right to demonstrate.
    Critics of the law also point out the small number of women who actually wear the veil in Denmark -- only around 150 to 200 Muslim women wear