Kim Kardashian West is facing backlash after her comment about Tyson Beckford.

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The pair crossed paths on social media

The reality star is known for her clapbacks

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What’s worse: body shaming or a homophobic jab?

That’s what some on social media are debating after Kim Kardashian West clapped back at a post from model Tyson Beckford Tuesday.

It began after gossip site The Shade Room posted a photo on Instagram of Kardashian West and Beckford had some thoughts about it.

“Sorry I don’t care for it personally,” the posting from his official account read. “She is not real, doctor f***ed up on her right hip.”

Kardashian West shot back in the comments writing, “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it.”

Many interpreted her response as a suggestion Beckford is gay.

Beckford, who is the father of a 20-year-old son and has had several high profile relationships with women, has never said he’s gay.

The reality star’s comment about Beckford was met with both applause and backlash on social media.

It wasn’t the first time that Kardashian West has come for others she felt came for her, especially other celebrities.

Here are just a few examples:

Questioning her parenting

In 2013, the makeup mogul posted a closeup, smiley photo of her then infant daughter, North West.

Speculation started that Kardashian West was waxing the baby’s eyebrows and the new mom laughed it off with a comeback.

“Do people really think I would wax my daughters eyebrows so young,” she tweeted. “Come on, I’d wait until she’s at least 2 1/2!”

Don’t worry about her nude selfies

Kardashian West is known for shedding her clothes and sharing the photos.

When she posted a photo of herself in 2016 au naturale – but for black bars covering the naughty bits – she shot back at Chloë Grace Moretz commenting none too favorably on it.

“Let’s all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to twitter, since no one knows who she is,” Kardashian West tweeted about the “Carrie” star. “Your nylon cover is cute boo.”

Defending her family

Whether it’s her husband, her brother or her sisters, Kardashian West is protective of her people.

When Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband, Lamar Odom, appeared on BET’s “Mancave” to talk about his failed marriage, she was the quintessential big sister.

“I understand when it’s over, it’s over,” Odom said during the interview. “When she was with her second or third NBA ball player, I could see that.”

“Or second or third brothel,” Kardashian West responded in a tweet, referencing Odom’s high profile collapse at a Nevada brothel in 2015.