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Given how expensive flight tickets can be, the last thing we want is to shell out extra cash on unexpected, overweight baggage fees. Often times, airlines will charge an upwards of $100 for each offending bag depending on how far it is over the limit. Thankfully, however, this added stress imposed on travelers can be avoided with the help of a little extra planning when packing.

One trick for keeping track of your luggage weight is to invest in a handy luggage scale. Small in size (and often affordable), these handheld devices can accurately weigh your bag at home. That way, there’s zero confusion when you arrive at the airport for check-in.

Our go-to device is great for a number of reasons. The Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale ($11.99; is highly accurate and can measure luggage weighing up to 110 pounds. In terms of usability, this scale has an easy-to-read digital LCD display that indicates both your baggage weight and can give you notifications when your luggage scale battery is low. Then, when you consider its portable, pocket-size design, it’s the perfect device for packing along so that you can weigh your bag before heading home from your destination.

Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it. On Amazon, this device received over 3,500 reviews with an average 4.7- out of 5-stars overall. Talk about impressive.

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