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We all love a good day at the beach or a grilling session during the summer. But one of our favorite seasonal pastimes is watching movies outdoors via a powerful outdoor projector. Al fresco viewings are a unique spin on your typical movie night, allowing you to stream blockbusters under the stars in your own backyard, with movie theater quality.

Step one to putting on the perfect outdoor movie night, of course, is investing in an outdoor projector that can bring your favorite films to life.

While many premium projectors can cost upward of $1,000, there are plenty of affordable options out there that check off all of our boxes, functionality and video quality among them. We’ve rounded up a handful of devices that fit the bill. When scouring the online market for these top picks, we took into consideration the devices that have a solid customer satisfaction rating, have high definition video and cost under $300.

If you’re ready to step up your movie night, shop these awesome outdoor projectors. Warning: Investing in one of these devices may mean that every party, all summer, will take place at your house.

Insignia DLP Projector ($229.99;

ohderii Projector ($69.99;

LG Wireless LCOS Projector ($279.99;

Croyale Video Projector ($148.99;

Epson 3LCD Projector ($299.99;

Meyoung Mini Projector ($109.99;