Cambodia's ruling party claims victory in election condemned as 'neither free nor fair'

Voting officials in Cambodia count ballots Sunday.

(CNN)The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) has declared victory in Sunday's general election, a result which opponents condemned as a "sham" following a months-long crackdown on the press and the suppression of the leading opposition party.

CPP, led by Prime Minister Hun Sen, won more than 100 of the 125 seats in Parliament, a party spokesman said.
The country's leading opposition party, the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), was effectively barred from running in Sunday's vote after a court ruled late last year that top members of the party were conspiring with foreigners to stage a revolution.
The CNRP's leader, Kem Sokha, was arrested in September on charges of treason and is still behind bars.
    "29 July 2018 marked the death of democracy in Cambodia (and) a new dark day of its history," Sochua Mu, the vice president of the CNRP, said during a news conference in Jakarta, Monday. Sitting beside her was Kem Monovithya, Kem Sokha's daughter.
    Sochua called Sunday's vote a "sham election" in full breach of the Cambodian constitution and its international obligations.
    "We resolutely reject this costly electoral circus and its dangerous consequences," she said.
    The official primary results will be released 11 August, with the final results published on 15 August, according to the National Election Commission.
    Yara Suos, the CPP spokesman, denied any foul play on the part of Cambodia's rulers.
    "We are proud to be the only party capable of representing the Cambodian people,"