What happened this week (in anything but politics)

(CNN)A wedding cake surprise. An unexpected side-effect. And a discovery on Mars. It's time for this week's politics-free side of the news.

A colorful prank

A groom cut into a University of Alabama themed cake. He was not expecting what he found inside.

An odd link

    A parasite from cat poop might make you an entrepreneur. Yes, you read that right.

    A radar reflection

    A space agency says it has a solved a mystery on Mars. They found evidence of a lake beneath the surface.

    A skydiving adventure

    James Corden now knows what it's like to be Tom Cruise. Sort of.

    A young graduate

    He just graduated from college and wants to be an astrophysicist. Oh, and he's 11.

      A viral photo

      Is this a donkey in zebra stripes? You be the judge.