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Updated 11:09 AM ET, Mon December 17, 2018
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No one maintains their New Year's resolutions all year. But what if you committed to a dozen of them for just one month at a time? Here's what happened when I did.
Tragic news raises deep, divided questions about our species. Are people inherently violent? Are some people evil? What is the solution to violence? And our answers are very important. Read here. leanza abucayan/cnn
Training for my first marathon led to runners' highs and a few lows as I pushed my average unfit body to its physical -- and mental -- limits. Read here. Leanza abucayan/cnn
The world's longest living people share a devotion to a concept called ikigai, the happiness of being busy at some activity that holds meaning and purpose to them. Read here.
Rekindle childhood joy, help the Earth, stay in shape, and practice mindfulness -- all on two wheels. Read here. alberto mier/cnn
A habit can be our greatest ally -- or most frequent saboteur -- for self-improvement. Read here.
Follow in the footsteps of the founding father's "13 Virtues" personal makeover scheme toward the best version of yourself. Read here.
There are easy ways to increase our levels of daily gratitude, and good mental and physical health reasons to do so. Read here. ian berry/cnnmoney
Murray is not just a very funny actor; he's an icon who represents, onscreen and off, the longing for a more engaged and awakened life. Read here. ian berry/cnnmoney
Connecting with those around you, adding meaning to your role and hacking how you spend your time can help you love your job. Read here. Kenneth Fowler for CNN
A New Year's scheme that worked by rewarding myself for doing something I know I should do anyway, but don't. Read here. alberto mier/cnn
Star Wars, not the Beatles, is more popular than Jesus, for good reason. Read here. Kenneth Fowler/Alberto Mier/CNN
Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan claims he has the secret to a contented, stress-free life. But what happens when you try the happiness advice and look at the science. Read here. Nicole Kim/Special to CNN
Can a 2,000-year-old story help us deal with the most difficult moments of our lives today, even a disaster like Hurricane Katrina? Read here. Nicole Kim/Special to CNN
We are hardwired to fear new challenges and transition, even though it's usually for the better. Read here. Stewart Scott-Curran/CNN
Most of the things we worry about never happen, but they are still bad for our health. Luckily, there are ways to reduce our natural tendency to fret or, better yet, harness it for good. Read here. alberto mier/cnn
Applying to one's life the wisdom and philosophy found everywhere, from ancient texts to pop culture. See all the columns here.