Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Tuesday on CNN:

-- The Trump administration is planning to extend billions of dollars in aid to farmers negatively affected by the President's trade feud with other countries.
-- Ivanka Trump is winding down her fashion company, choosing to pursue a career in public policy instead. The company has been mired in controversy since her father's presidential campaign.
-- At least 74 people are dead after Greece's worst wildfires in more than a decade.
    -- Trump encouraged his supporters to stick with him, even if they're seeing "fake news," in a wide-ranging speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention.
    -- The Trader Joe's employee who died in a shootout on Saturday was killed by an officer's bullet, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed.
    -- The Israeli military shot down a Syrian fighter jet after it entered Israeli airspace on Tuesday afternoon, the Israel Defense Forces said, raising fears of further military escalation in the region.
    -- Three people have died on the Bay Area's transit system in less than a week.
    -- Nicolas S. "Duffy" Fudge, star of the National Geographic show "Wicked Tuna," died last week at 28.
      -- Instagram personality The Fat Jewish wants influencers to know the end is near -- in other words, he says, get a job.
      -- Strapped for cash? Play the Mega Millions for a chance to win over half a billion dollars, the fifth-largest jackpot in the game's history.