This 11 year old was bullied for her skin color. Now, she owns a successful clothing line

Kheris Rogers started a clothing line with her sister after she was bullied for the color of her skin.

(CNN)Kheris Rogers can't forget the grade school humiliation. During an assignment where the students had to draw themselves, the teacher handed the shy dark-skinned girl a black crayon instead of a brown one.

"I was the darkest of all of them," the stunning 11 year old recalls of her classmates. "But they were all African-American."
Rogers had earlier transferred from another school to escape the incessant bullying. It didn't work. Her complexion set her apart, a label she couldn't shed.
But now Rogers owns her label, literally. Her clothing line is called "Flexin' In My Complexion." The brand has caught fire among some big celebrities.
    "Flex in your complexion" were originally words of advice from Roger's grandmother.
    As a young girl, Rogers turned to her grandmother for some encouraging words. "Flex in your complexion" was the advice that made the shy girl feel beautiful in her own skin if only for a moment.