Passengers overhear a teacher talking about how her students need school supplies and open up their wallets

Chicago teacher Kimber Bermudez says passengers on her flight to Florida gave her more than $500 after hearing her talk about her students.

(CNN)Chicago teacher Kimber Bermudez was on a flight to Florida to visit her parents when a friendly passenger asked her what she does for a living.

She told him she was a teacher and how much she loved her job teaching her first graders at Carlos Fuentes Charter School.
Almost half of the students at her school have limited English skills and 87% are classified as low income. But, she told the man, about the close-knit community at the charter school and how it eases some of the burdens by providing free breakfast and lunch and after school programs.
"I'm known as a talker," Bermudez told CNN. "I'm always the one that I will just start talking to anyone. That's just my personality."