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Kylie set to be youngest self-made billionaire
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The internet may not agree, but Kim Kardashian West totally believes her sister Kylie Jenner and the rest of her siblings are “self-made.”

Controversy erupted last week after Forbes magazine touted “America’s Women Billionaires” with Jenner on its cover, noting, “At 21, she’s set to be the youngest-ever self-made billionaire.”

Backlash over Forbes dubbing Kylie Jenner ‘self-made’

Many argued that coming from the first family of reality television hardly qualified the young makeup mogul as “self-made.”

But her older and successful sister argued to Refinery29 that she and her siblings absolutely deserve that description.

“I really didn’t get it, because she is ‘self-made’ — we are all ‘self-made,’” Kardashian West said. “What, because we came from a family that has had success? To me, that doesn’t really make sense.”

The Kardashian-Jenners have various business ventures from cosmetics to clothing and endorsement deals.

Kardashian West said none of them received financial help from their parents.

“Me, Kylie, not one [of the siblings] has ever depended on our parents for anything besides advice,” she said. “That’s how I lived my life with my dad [Robert Kardashian]. He never gave me anything. We might have the opportunity, but I’ve seen it go the complete opposite way. Nobody works harder than my sisters and my mom.”

Kardashian West said she’s proud of her little sister for “[taking] an insecurity of hers and [figuring] out how to make a really successful business off of it.” She was referring to her sister’s lip kits (Jenner has been open about not liking her lips and getting cosmetic filler at an early age to change her appearance).

The reality star also noted that coming from a well-to-do family sometimes results in offspring who do not work hard.

“I know so many people like that [who] haven’t turned out to be as successful as Kylie,” Kardashian West said. “If anything, I’ve seen the complete opposite.”