Government shuts down website for doctors searching for treatment guidelines

The US Department of Health and Human Services earmarked $1.2 million to fund the site in 2017.

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  • In 2017, the website was given $1.2 million in funding
  • About 200,000 people visit the site each month, mostly doctors

(CNN)After Monday, the website for the National Guideline Clearinghouse, which provides access to guidelines for practicing medicine, will no longer be available to its users -- mostly doctors -- due to a lack of funding, according to an announcement posted on the site in April.

No stranger to financial uncertainty over its 20-year history, the clearinghouse is an initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of the US Department of Health and Human Services, which earmarked $1.2 million to fund the site in 2017.
While some bemoan its demise, the website may soon be rescued, according to the agency, which noted in its announcement that it has received some interest from unnamed stakeholders wanting to carry on the work.
    However, it is not clear when or whether the national clearinghouse (or something resembling it) will go live again, the agency warned.

    'Important for providers'

    The website receives about 200,000 visits each month, according to Alison Hunt, a spokeswoman for the agency, though the number of separate users each month is unclear.
    Generally, doctors and other providers visit the site while searching for medical guidelines, which usually include specific recomm