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By now, you’ve got the kitchen basics locked down: pots, pans, spatulas, wooden spoons, you name it. But even if you’ve got all the staple appliances and gadgets on hand, you’ll still run into some annoying (and completely avoidable) kitchen issues where they’re no help. Luckily, there are lesser-known practical kitchen tools that help fill this void and solve your everyday kitchen problems.

These tools – like frywalls that prevent oil splatter while you’re sauteing and vegetable “huggers” that keep your cut produce fresher for longer – might not be top of mind when it comes to stocking your kitchen arsenal, but they really can make cooking easier.

To prove our point, we’ve listed a number of these practical tools below, plus the nagging little kitchen problems they solve. You’ll be surprised just how often you’ll be using these items in your day-to-day cooking.

Note: The prices ahead reflect the listed retailers’ prices on the date this article was published.

The problem: Oil splatters on your stovetop, or even worse, your body, while you’re cooking.

The solution: A machine-washable Frywall Splatter Guard that protects your counters and yourself while you’re cooking.

Frywall Medium Pan Splatter Guard ($21.71;

The problem: You’re making a spread for breakfast, but have to cook everything in separate pans.

The solution: A Master Pan has five compartments, so you can cook pancakes, eggs, bacon and more all at once. And it works just as well for lunches and dinners.

Master Pan ($42.49;

The problem: You only need half of a certain vegetable or fruit, and then the leftovers end up going to waste.

The solution: Food Huggers, which seal around the cut area of your produce to keep it fresher for longer.

Food Huggers Set of Five ($12.95;

The problem: You need some fresh citrus in a recipe, but can’t squeeze the juice out of your limes and lemons without getting seeds in your food.

The solution: A hand-held juicer, like the Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer, strains pulp and seeds while juicing, plus can extract up to 20% percent more juice than your typical device.

Chef’n FreshForce Lemon Citrus Juicer ($25;

The problem: You like variety when it comes to coffee, but you don’t want to invest in multiple devices.

The solution: Get yourself an affordable multifunctional device, like Ninja’s Coffeemaker, that can brew iced coffees, specialty drinks, traditional house blends and more.

Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee Maker ($119.99;

The problem: You want to chill your white wine or rose quickly, without adding ice cubes or anything that can alter the taste.

The solution: With an instant wine chiller, you and your party guests won’t stand around empty-handed waiting for your vino to cool down in the fridge. And it won’t dilute the wine.

BeRicham 3-in-1 Wine Chiller with Aerator and Pourer ($8.99;

The problem: Your butter is too cold and isn’t spreadable on your toast.

The solution: The Butterup knife creates spreadable ribbons so that you can enjoy your breakfast without mangled toast.

MoMA Butterup Knife ($20;