'They treated us as though we were animals': Letters from inside an immigration detention facility

Updated 2:57 PM ET, Wed July 4, 2018

(CNN)In the letter, she calls the facility "la perrera" -- the kennel or dog pound -- because of the chain-link cages she and others were held in.

For eight days after she was captured near the US-Mexico border, she says she did not bathe or brush her teeth. She and other women slept on the floor under "aluminum paper" blankets, she says.
"They treated us so horribly, as though we were animals," she wrote in the letter, in which she called herself "anonimo," anonymous.
But worst of all was not knowing the fate of her daughter or son for 21 days after they were taken from her, she wrote.
The account came via Grassroots Leadership, a nonprofit that describes itself as "a nationally recognized civil and human rights organization" that fights to "end prison profiteering, mass incarceration, and deportation." The group, which is circulating a petition to reunite separated families, posted the letter on its website on June 25. Four days later, the group posted several more accounts from women who had been separated from their children.