Doctors told her to lose weight. The problem was actually a 50-pound cyst

Kayla Rahn in April, before her surgery.

(CNN)Kayla Rahn wasn't pregnant. She didn't even have a "food baby." What the 30-year-old did have was a 50-pound ovarian cyst, and though it's been successfully removed, questions linger about how it went undetected for so long.

The Alabama woman started gaining weight in the summer of 2017 in spite of making no major dietary changes, though at first, she thought her recent career move to a desk job was to blame. Tasks that were once simple, like putting on her shoes, became nearly impossible, as she struggled to catch her breath or bend over. In the fall, she began experiencing pain and noticed her stomach was hard. Strangers started asking if she was pregnant -- with one inquirer going so far as to ask if Rahn was expecting twins -- and occasionally rubbing her belly.