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What it's like after your parents get deported
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Their parents were deported to Mexico, leaving three siblings unable to pay the mortgage.

Humberta and Oscar Campos were forced to leave their three children and the lives they had built in the United States behind just days before Christmas 2017.

Since then, their children Oscar Jr. and Janet Campos had been scrambling to work enough hours to pay the mortgage on the family home. The youngest member of the family, 15-year-old Erwing, was just trying to focus on keeping his grades up at high school.

The Campos house.
Samantha Guff and Tiara Chiaramonte/CNN
The Campos house.

But after CNN profiled the family, an anonymous donor has now stepped in to help.

Arnold Santos, a deacon at the family’s church, is helping the children while their parents fight to come back to the US. Santos told CNN that an anonymous man is taking over their mortgage and bill payments for the next two years.

That man is also giving them $6,000 to visit their parents in Mexico; it will be the first time Humberta will get to hug her children since their teary-eyed goodbye in December.

That’s not all.

A number of individuals have made other donations totaling well over $10,000. Now, Janet is looking at restarting her college studies in the fall.

Santos was blown away by the positive response from the article.

“This has helped us with other families,” he told CNN; the families reached out to him after the CNN article published. “We’ve given them advice.”