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Road collapse caught on camera
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A road in China’s Sichuan Province collapsed on Sunday after days of heavy rain.

In a video that captured the dramatic collapse, 50 meters of the road slowly sank into the ground, pulling retaining walls and lampposts down with it.

The city of Guang’an, where the incident occurred, had endured relentless rain, leading to sporadic rockfalls in the early evening on Sunday.

When the rockfalls began, local authorities quickly cordoned off the section and suspended traffic, clearing the area of people.

As a result, there were no casualties when a bigger landslide proceeded to cut off the road.

Local transportation technicians surveyed the landslide section on Monday to start organizing a clearing plan.

It wasn’t the first landslide this summer, or even this week, as the rainy season sweeps across southern China.

A landslide in a village in Hunan Province led to seven houses collapsing on Saturday, trapping 12 people inside, according to state-run news service Xinhua. All but one survived.

Other landslides have been reported in the provinces of Guangxi and Guangdon. Hubei, Guizhou and Anhui all faced similar rain and flooding last week and have issued emergency alerts.