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The hand-scrawled signs in all colors and sizes reflect the thousands of Americans participating in rallies Saturday against the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy toward undocumented immigrants.

From New York to Atlanta, signs carried by marchers painted a kaleidoscope of outrage over the more than 2,500 undocumented children who were separated from their parents in the weeks since the controversial policy took effect.

In New York, a little girl with dark hair held a bright yellow sign that read, “Mr. President Why do you like Mexican food but not the Mexican people? Families belong together.”

The caption on an Instagram photo of the girl reads: “The radicalization of Willa Gray.”

Another girl named Andromeda, who will turn 2 in August, marched with her father in New York with a sign that demanded, “Release my friends.”

Also in New York, Alex Ogle and Megan Harrison protested the actions of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Alex Ogle, 26, and Megan Harrison, 25, hold signs in New York protesting ICE enforcement actions.

“I prefer crushed ICE,” one of the signs read.

In Washington, Margaret Stokes, a teacher from Leesburg, Virginia, marched with a sign that read, “Where are the children?”

Another one had a sketch of a baby onesie with the words, “Where is my mother?” and the question: “Do you care?”

Margaret Stokes, a teacher from Leesburg, Virginia, is among the demonstrators in Washington.

“CLOSE the DETENTION CENTERS,” read a black, red and white sign carried by Sara Tharakan and cousin Sarah Mathews, both 27, in Washington.

Cousins Sara Tharakan, left, and   Sarah Mathews, both 27, turn out Saturday for the Washington rally.

MacKenzie Banks, 19, of Lubbock, Texas, marched in Washington with a question for the Trump administration: “If these children lived in my uterus, would y’all start caring.”

Texan MacKenzie Bank poses a question to the Trump administration.

Another sign in Washington said simply: “I know why the caged kid screams.”

A Lafayette Square protester in Washington draws attention to the separation of immigrant families.

Marching in McAllen, Texas, Dianne Norris tweeted a photo of herself holding a sign that read, “Now you’ve pissed off grandma.”

Outside the US Justice Department Saturday in Washington, a lone sign was left near a guarded entrance.

“Shame on you! Deplorable,” it said.

A sign was left outside the US Justice Department on Saturday in Washington.

The main march was in Lafayette Square in the nation’s capital, but hundreds of rallies took place across the country.

CNN’s Mallory Simon, Sophia Lipp and Sarah Jorgensen contributed to this report.