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A heckling at a Trump rally. A racist rant caught on camera. A life-saving moment by a restaurant employee. These are the videos you don’t want to miss this week.

From jeering to selfies

CNN reporter Jim Acosta was told to “go home” by members of the crowd during a Trump rally in Columbia, South Carolina. Minutes later, many of those same people asked him for selfies.

Fallon vs. Trump

Late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon expressed regret over tousling Trump’s hair in a pre-election interview. Trump took to Twitter to call out the host.

Racism caught on camera

A California man was doing a landscaping job when a woman approached him and his mother to verbally attack them, telling them to “go back to Mexico” and calling him a “rapist” and a “drug dealer.”

A life-saving jump to action

A man dining at a Chick-fil-A in Austin, Texas, started choking on his food and an employee ran to help him.

Good boy, Poncho

A police dog was trained to do CPR and showed off his skills in a mock demonstration.