A 6-year-old's lemonade stand helped raise $13,000 for separated migrant families

About 20 families got together to host the lemonade stand.

(CNN)When a mother told her 6-year-old son about how agents were separating families at the border, his first words were "Kids in jail?"

Shannon Gaggero then explained to her son what was happening and how people around the country were trying to reunite the families.
So the Atlanta boy decided he wanted to help too -- by selling lemonade
Gaggero loved the idea, she said -- not just of a physical stand but also a virtual one. She hoped to raise at least $1,000.
    They ended up raisiing $13,283.
    "My kids are 6 and 3 so they don't quite understand the scope of how much money we raised," Gaggero told CNN. "They know it's a lot and they feel proud that so many people got involved to help."
    The family hosted the lemonade stand last weekend, where it raised $1,100. They complemented that with a Facebook fundraising campaign -- a