Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Monday on CNN:

-- The Supreme Court kept busy today. Justices ruled on two controversial gerrymandering cases and decided not to take up the case on a florist refusing service to a same-sex couple or the "Making a Murderer" case.
-- Rep. Maxine Waters called on supporters to harass Trump administration officials over family separation. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rebuked his colleague.
-- The US Food and Drug Administration recommended a cannabis-based drug for approval for the first time today.
    -- Harley-Davidson is revving up its motors for a move to Europe. The motorcycle company is shifting production to avoid Trump's EU retaliatory tariffs. The President is calling the move a waving the 'white flag.'
    -- Investigators believe 12 teenage soccer players and their coach are trapped in a cave in Northern Thailand.
    -- Five European politicians are on a stranded rescue ship in the Mediterranean that carries hundreds of migrants from the Libyan coast. They are trying to negotiate a port for the ship to dock at.
      -- After refusing to show her ID at a restaurant to use the woman's bathroom, a transgender woman was kicked out.
      -- Richard Harrison, known to fans of "Pawn Stars' as "The Old Man," passed away this morning at age 77.