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Woof, these are some total dogs. And that’s the point.

The 30th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest came to a close in Petaluma, California, on Saturday as Zsa Zsa, an English bulldog with a bodacious tongue that dangles down to her chest, taking best – er, worst? – in show.

“Nine years young with a swaggering tongue, Zsa Zsa delivered a shower of slobber as she claimed this year’s title,” said a news release announcing her victory.

Owner Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota, said in an email to CNN that Zsa Zsa – who has two fur brothers, a pug and a Frenchie – owes her impressive tongue to her almost horizontal upper teeth and heavily pronounced underbite, which make it difficult to keep the pink, fleshy mass in her mouth.

Zsa Zsa had her nails painted for the competition. ... Yup.

“We keep it moist since it’s dry all the time, and use dog ChapStick for her lips,” she wrote. “Her favorite thing is to play with you and put that tongue on your face. It feels so weird.”

Brainard will receive $1,500, “a very large trophy” and a flight to New York, where she and Zsa Zsa will appear on the “Today” show. She did not indicate how Zsa Zsa will celebrate, but it will probably involve the pup’s favorite munchies: Chipotle and Slim Jims.