Yann Sommer: Goalkeeper, singer, guitarist and chef extraordinaire

Updated 3:23 AM ET, Fri June 22, 2018

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(CNN)There are few lonelier places than being the team's goalkeeper, especially when you're culpable for a mistake.

Having a method of escapism is crucial -- or in the case of Switzerland goalkeeper Yann Sommer having a number of methods of escape.
The 29-year-old is an accomplished chef and a fine photographer and composes his own songs in his spare time.
Rarely without his guitar, which has traveled with him to Russia, Sommer is as relaxed as you could expect with the pressure of the World Cup on his shoulders.
Sommer started taking singing lessons 18 months ago.
"I need some different activities away from football to help me switch off," Sommer told CNN Sport of his hobbies.
"Getting some distance from football is hard. There's so much pressure and when you go home you need to have something you can lose yourself in."
    For the past 18 months Sommer, who plays his club football with Borussia Moenchengladbach in Germany, has been taking singing lessons, and his repertoire consists of everything from Bruce Springsteen to reggae.
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