What happened this week (in anything but politics)

(CNN)A favorite drink fizzles. Waffles get a boost. And a concession snack crashes. It's time for this week's politics-free side of the news.

A shortage of buzz

The World Cup is just getting started. But they're already running out of beer.

A strange effect

    "Stranger Things" caused an Eggo boom. Now sales are waffling.

    A flying hotdog

    A hot dog cannon can be a lot of fun at a baseball game. Unless it hits you in the face.

    A winning gesture

    Chadwick Boseman won an award for playing a superhero. Then he gave it to a real-life one.

    A fiery crash

    A driver crashed in flames during a race. Who came to save him? His dad.

      A cosmic haze

      And now for the weather forecast ... on Mars: very dusty.