'Take Two' offers new take on 'Castle' formula

Rachel Bilson, Eddie Cibrian in 'Take Two'

(CNN)Created by the producers of "Castle" -- and conceptually just birthed from its rib -- "Take Two" is the slightest of crime procedurals, one that will live or die on the appeal of its stars. Fortunately, they're both adorable, which might not be enough to sustain an ABC series that might as well have been titled "Castle 2."

The premise again pairs an actual crime fighter with a dabbler in that arena -- in this case, a private eye ("CSI: Miami's" Eddie Cibrian) and an actress ("Hart of Dixie's" Rachel Bilson) who once starred in a popular TV cop show.
After a tabloid run-in that left her in rehab, Bilson's Sam Swift is out and looking for redemption in her next big role. She's eager not to mess things up, and hopes to add to her authenticity by