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As part of an ongoing series, the CNN Underscored team showcases outstanding deals you can shop right now in the CNN Store. Each week, we feature a product we think you’ll love. This week, we’re highlighting the 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds ($72, originally $150;

Audiophiles know there’s a distinct difference between your headphone audio quality and that of a home theater sound. And while you probably will never get complete surround sound from your headphones like what you’d expect with larger home theater setups, you can get pretty close. At least that’s what 360 Audio hopes to do.

Its 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds ($72, originally $ 150; were created over 10 years to mimic surround sound technology. The company’s main intention with the design was to let you listen to your favorite audio “the exact way it was recorded and in the directional way it was intended.” The result is a pair of headphones that can pack the same punch and bass you’d get in a typical subwoofer. And just like your go-to pair of headphones, the device features an in-line microphone and control button so you can have full control over your music and incoming calls while you’re on the move.

If you’re already using headphones every day for your commutes or workouts, consider switching to a more technologically advanced pair like these. It will make your playlists and podcasts sound crystal clear while you’re on the move. And there are few mood-killers worse than having your songs sound subpar or tinny when you’re trying to pump yourself up throughout the day.

While these headphones typically go for $150, they’re currently 52% off at the CNN Store. Great audio quality for a fraction of the original cost? That’s music to our ears.