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Hillary Clinton’s former 2016 campaign manager Robby Mook called the revelation that former FBI Director James Comey previously used a personal email account for official government business “ironic and deeply frustrating.”

“Hillary said on the campaign trail it was a mistake to have the personal email server. I think what’s, in retrospect, incredibly ironic and deeply frustrating to a lot of us is that Director Comey felt entitled to go in front of the country, unauthorized, and lecture Secretary Clinton about her use when it turns out he was doing the same thing,” Mook told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

The Justice Department inspector general revealed Comey’s use of a personal Gmail account in a watchdog report released on Thursday.

The report rebuked Comey for his handling of the Clinton email investigation. It concluded that his actions were “insubordinate” but did not find that he had been motivated by political bias.

Former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta also rebuked Comey in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “Cuomo Prime Time.”

“The facts are that Jim Comey violated practice and he applied a double standard with respect to the investigation of Hillary Clinton versus the investigation into Russian interference into the election and its connection to the Trump campaign,” Podesta said.

“He ended up hurting Hillary Clinton and helped elect Donald Trump.”

“I have never accused him of being a partisan. … I just think he made a horrendous error of judgment,” he added, “and he did it, I think, because he’s kind of an arrogant guy who was trying to protect his own reputation.”

CNN’s David Shortell contributed to this story.