She often harbored suicidal thoughts. Now, this teen is using technology to fight them

(CNN)For almost half her life, Amanda Southworth has been battling demons.

She's fought off anorexia, anxiety and depression. And many times, when the demons overwhelmed her, she says she tried to take her own life.
"It was really like getting dug into a hole," she said. "The longer it goes on, the less hope you have."
Now, Amanda's on a path to recovery -- and she wants to take others who are dealing with the same emotions with her.
    Her weapon of choice? An app.
    Amanda, who's only 16, has developed AnxietyHelper, an app that features games and exercises to help people through panic attacks.
    It also utilizes a user's location services to find life-saving resources nearby and includes how-to's for loved ones trying to help.
    "I kind of decided, 'Why don't I make the tool that I really wish that I had?'" she told CNN. "And so I did."
    She'll be the first to admit that resources alone aren't the solution to this complex inner turmoil.
    "It's about how we treat the people who use them," she said. "It's not a matter of they don't have the number, but they're so afraid of what people will think that they're not going to dial it."
    But, she believes, apps like hers are a small first step.

    The demons attacked early

    It was around the 4th grade when Amanda first began to develop an eating disorder, she says. But it was at the start of junior high when a family move placed her in a new school that things began to spiral.
    "I went from this really small mountain town to this really big suburban area," Amanda, who now lives in Los Angeles, said, "It was like an alien just kind of dropped on Earth."
    Soon Amanda started to have her first run-ins with depression and anxiety. A few months later, she began contemplating suicide, she said.
    "It was kind of a cascading eff