Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Wednesday on CNN:

-- Criticizing President Trump is not a winning midterm strategy, and the year of women continues. Here are six things we learned from Tuesday's primaries.
-- Michael Cohen, Trump's personal attorney, has split with his legal team, potentially signaling a shift in legal strategy.
-- Volkswagen has been charged a $1.2 billion fine over a diesel scandal.
    -- The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the second time this year. Here's what it means for you.
    -- Trump declared that America's biggest enemy is "fake news," singling out NBC and CNN in a tweet.
    -- Thursday marks one year since the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in West London that claimed 72 lives. A year later, many victims still seek justice.
    -- Score! The United States, Mexico and Canada won their bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
    -- IQ scores have been on the decline since 1975. A new study blames environmental factors.
    -- What happens when you divide the world's fifth-largest economy into three parts? A radical plan to split California into three will be on the ballot this November.
      -- Republican Sen. Bob Corker continued his war of words against the GOP on Wednesday, saying Republicans are in a "cult-like situation" with President Trump. Tuesday, he accused his colleagues of being afraid to "poke the bear."
      -- Tiffany Haddish finally ended the mystery of #WhoBitBeyoncé .