This chart shows how the Arizona killer is linked to his 6 victims

Updated 10:37 AM ET, Thu June 7, 2018

(CNN)In the past week, terrified Arizona residents worried a serial killer may be on the loose.

Scottsdale police said Dwight Lamon Jones killed six people in three cities before killing himself. But the ties between Jones and his victims weren't immediately obvious.
As investigators piece together more clues, they're learning some victims had tangential links to Jones' bitter divorce case:
On Tuesday, authorities identified Jones' final two victims -- Bryon Thomas and Mary Simmons. They were found dead in a house in Fountain Hills on Monday. Simmons and Thomas had a social and recreational relationship with Jones, Scottsdale Police said.
In addition, Jones was seen dropping a package that contained a gun belonging to Thomas in a trash can, police said.