A lot of Eagles fans are probably OK with them not going to the White House

Eagles fans wave a flag outside City Hall before festivities begin on February 8, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The city celebrated the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl LII championship with a victory parade.

Washington (CNN)The White House accused the Philadelphia Eagles of abandoning their fans after the team said less than 10 members would visit to commemorate their Super Bowl win with President Trump. But the Eagles have a lot of fans who might actually agree with the players who decided to not go.

Although Trump won the team's home state of Pennsylvania in 2016 with about 48% of the vote, he lost the Philadelphia metro area and surrounding counties where fans live.
Eagles' fans are concentrated in 22 counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, according to a 2014 map by Facebook. The map tracked fans based on how many likes official NFL teams received (I'm assuming post-Cambridge Analytica, we're unlikely to see a new map like it any time soon). Overlaying the fan map with 2016 election results shows Eagles Country was also Clinton Country.
We counted up the votes in the Eagles counties and Hillary Clinton outperformed Trump in the 22 counties where Eagles fans reign, receiving about 2.4 million votes compared to Trump who received about 1.5 million votes. And in Philadelphia County, the Eagles home county, she won about 82% of the vote.

    The favorite NFL team of every US county based Facebook Likes.

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    In place of the Eagles visit Tuesday, which the White House canceled, Trump held an event with the United States Marine Band and Army Chorus, which performed patriotic music.
    Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney invited the team to City Hall for a celebration, and Sen. Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, invited the team to tour the Capitol.