Monaco Grand Prix weekend: How the rich and famous spend it

Monaco (CNN)An event like no other, the Monaco Grand Prix must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

For the lucky few, the Principality's historic streets and glistening harbors become a long weekend playground for the rich and the famous.
From silver-screen stars to royalty, you don't have to look too hard to spot a celebrity, whose experiences of the famous Formula One race are likely to be vastly different from the thousands of average fans who flock to the hillsides to catch a glimpse of this truly unique circuit.
So when money is no object here are some of the extravagances and indulgences which can be enjoyed in Monaco.

    Where to be seen

    If you want to get ahead in Monaco ... head to the Amber Lounge. F1 drivers swap the track for the runway ahead of the big race.
    The F1 weekend kicks off in style with a charity auction/fashion show at the decadent Amber Lounge on Friday night before qualifying, costing $610 per person for entry.
    Here the great and the good of Monaco -- including Prince Albert II -- descend to rub shoulders with models and F1 drivers who take part in the catwalk all in the good name of charity.
    Kicked off by a performance from rising singer Justin Jesso, the glittering white runway in front of the stunning bay backdrop plays host to models and drivers who strut their stuff in the garbs of one of fashion's hottest designers Alessandra Vicedomini.
    Next up is the auction where the real money comes out to play, with bids for rare artwork, exotic holidays and exclusive event packages fetching bids of over $58,000 for the noble cause of Jackie Stewart's Race Against Dementia foundation.
    Guests can then head over to the adjoining outdoor club U*NITE, where you can be waited on by a personal waitress, enjoy the private pavilion on the terrace, sip unlimited Champagne and selected fine wines -- all for $49,000 for a table of eight guests on the two-day package.

    Where to party

    NFL football player Tom Brady, supermodel Bella Hadid and singer Geri Horner attended the Monaco GP last weekend.
    When night comes, the Monaco glitterati simply don't just head down to the local bar. A-lister socialites will be on an invite-only guest list of one of the harbor's many yacht parties which keep the well-heeled clientele dancing into the night.
    Supermodel Bella Hadid and legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady were the noteworthy names on board the TAG Heuer yacht, where guests sipped Champagne dressed head to toe in white as huge spotlights beamed into the clear night sky and music blared from the four-level gleaming vessel overlooking the F1 paddock.
    Racasse corner comes alive at night
    Or if you don't mind a grittier vibe but still want to feel the truly unique experience that is the Monaco GP, you can party into the small hours on the track itself at Rascasse corner. Here a number of bars line the straight heading into the turn and pump out the tunes for the packed crowds who flock to dance and drink on the street in front of the grandstand.

    Where to stay

    Wake up to this amazing view of Fairmont bend.
    Of course, even high rollers need somewhere to rest their heads after the back-to-back parties, so why not hole up in a luxury suite where you can also enjoy unimpeded views of the famous Fairmont bend -- one of the most challenging on the course and one where you're probably the most likely to see daredevil overtaking manoeuvres, and therefore inevitably, crashes.
    One of the sprawling Grand Prix suites with double view of the track will set you back a tidy $77,000 for a four-night stay for two.
    Or if you want to get away from the madness around the course but still be in and among the F1 crowd, the Columbus Hotel plays host to many of the teams and sponsors -- due mainly to its convenient proximity to the track without being among the craziness, and its former ties with F1 great David Coulthard who used to own the hotel.
    Here guests can put their feet up in a boutique suite over the weekend for a around $2,323 a night. Plus, there's convenient access to a helipad right next door, where Monacair can shuttle you to Nice airport for a speedy getaway on a seven-minute flight for just $4,647 one-way on their chopper.
    A one-way ticket to Nice in a helicopter doesn't come cheap ...
    ... but you get what you pay for.
    Well, it certainly beats dealing with the Monaco traffic on race day ...

    Where to relax

    Take in a direct view of Monaco's Fairmont corner while being pampered.
    Traipsing around the numerous high-end designer boutiques of Monaco flexing that platinum credit card can take its toll, even in your finest Prada heels.
    So it's no surprise that you can enjoy a mani/pedicure it the "Pole Position" suite at the Fairmont hotel, which gives you floor-to-ceiling views of one of the most exciting bends of the race all while sitting back and being pampered in first-class style -- a bargain at $118.

    Where to cool off ...

    The blissful view of Nikki beach
    If you don't happen to have a yacht -- who doesn't have a yacht in Monaco? -- but you still want to be within touching distance of a refreshing dip while watching the race, then there's always the option of Nikki Beach.
    The rooftop pool/club is located trackside between the sea and the famous Monte-Carlo casino.
    With front row views of the race from the VIP grand stand and DJs spinning beats until late in the night, it's the prefect place to soak up the sun and infectious atmosphere of a race weekend..
    A seat in the stand by the pool, buffet and open bar will set you back $1,510 on race day.