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Giuliani urges Mueller to end probe by September
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Rudy Giuliani said he doesn’t think President Donald Trump will fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions before special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation concludes.

“There’s no doubt he’s complained about him,” Giuliani, who is currently serving as Trump’s lawyer, told reporters on Wednesday. “There’s no doubt he has some, some grievances. I don’t know if they’ve aired them out yet, but he’s not going to fire him before this is over, nor do I think he should.”

Sessions recused himself from any investigation relating to Trump’s presidential bid in March 2017 after being tapped for US attorney general, which in turn put Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in charge of overseeing the Russia probe, led by Mueller.

“Remember, special counsel writes a report,” Giuliani said. “Once the report is out, I’d have to read it, but it would seem to me then (Trump) takes whatever action he believes is necessary as President.”

Giuliani said Trump “goes back and forth” on Sessions.

A source familiar with discussions inside the Trump’s legal team said the President did press Sessions to reverse his decision to recuse himself in the Russia investigation, as The New York Times first reported. The source said Trump was bothered by the scope of Sessions’ decision to recuse, viewing it as going overboard.

Trump, the source said, has held a grudge against Sessions ever since, noting that’s the President’s style and quipping he has “held grudges against people since he was 29 years old.”

Another source familiar with the discussions tells CNN that Sessions met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago soon after the recusal and there was a confrontation. This source said nothing has changed the Sessions relationship with Trump – it is still day-by-day, and they speak when they have to.

In addition to his comments on Sessions, Giuliani told reporters he didn’t think Trump would fire Mueller.

“I don’t think he’s going to fire Mueller, Mueller is creating his own problems,” Giuliani said.

He again called on Mueller to conclude his investigation by September.

“Well, if he doesn’t file his report by September 1, mid-September, he’s clearly doing a Comey,” Giuliani added, referencing ex-FBI Director James Comey.

If Mueller doesn’t wrap up the investigation soon, it’s likely to become a big part of Trump’s midterm election messaging, according to the first source.

The source familiar with the discussions inside Trump’s legal team told CNN the President is directing much of the political strategy now when it comes to the Mueller probe, pointing to Trump’s unproven claim that Mueller’s team will be meddling in the upcoming midterms.

That’s a sign the President and his team are going to continue to use the Mueller probe as a political weapon heading into the fall elections.

“That’s bad for the country,” the source said, adding “it’s likely to get worse.”

CNN’s Aileen Graef, Ariane de Vogue and Betsy Klein contributed to this report.