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Here’s what you might have missed this Memorial Day on CNN:

– President Trump’s first public reaction to the cancellation of “Roseanne” was a shot at Disney CEO Bob Iger. What he didn’t say is just as notable.

– Roseanne Barr said she was “Ambien tweeting” when she fired off a series of racist comments Tuesday that led to the cancellation of her show. Ambien says while the drug definitely has side effects, racism isn’t one of them.

– A Russian journalist and Vladimir Putin critic was said to have been shot dead in Ukraine on Tuesday. Today, he showed up alive at news conference.

– The White House is holding a press briefing, and it has been more than a week since the last one. Catch up on everything that’s happened since then and follow live updates here.

– The White House is holding a Kim summit today, but it’s not the Kim you were expecting.

– It might be time to get your colon checked. The American Cancer Society now recommends adults get screened for colon and rectal cancers at an earlier age.

– Stormy Daniels’ lawyer dropped his request to participate in the court case involving the FBI raid on Trump’s attorney after a judge warned him he’d have to stop his “publicity tour.”

– Trump again lamented his choice for attorney general, tweeting a quote from someone who wishes he’d chosen someone other than Jeff Sessions.

– Fish is sometimes swapped in for steak. And burgers arrive with half a bun. Here’s what President Trump is doing to lose weight.

– Two people were hurt in an explosion at a UPS facility.

– The creator of “This Is Us” revealed key information about season 3.