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ABC cancels 'Roseanne' after bigoted tweets
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President Donald Trump spoke for over an hour in Nashville, Tennessee, but his wide-ranging remarks notably left out one of the day’s biggest news stories: Roseanne.

ABC cancelled the hit sitcom “Roseanne” Tuesday following the eponymous star Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet, with the network calling her remarks “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.”

Instead, Trump stayed mostly on message in Nashville. He talked at length about his 2016 victory and accomplishments since taking office, he praised Senate candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn and tied her Democratic opponent to Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, and he looked ahead to his administration’s push on infrastructure.

On the flight to Tennessee, press secretary Sarah Sanders repeatedly declined to comment on the show’s cancellation.

“The President spent his day focused on dealing with the things going on with North Korea, trade roll-out this morning. A lot of activity going on at the White House that the President has been focused on,” she told reporters aboard Air Force One, later adding, “Again, that’s not what the President is looking at. That’s not what he’s spending his time on. And I think that we have a lot bigger things going on in the country right now, certainly that the President is spending his time when it comes to policy.”

Trump railed against political correctness on the campaign trail in 2016, and aides were unsure ahead of the rally whether the President would weigh in on the news.

He previously praised the comedienne’s show at a March rally in Ohio.

“Look at Roseanne! I called her yesterday, look at her ratings! Look at her ratings,” he said to cheers at the time.

“I got a call from Mark Burnett, he did The Apprentice, a great guy, he said, ‘Donald, I called to say hello and to tell you – did you see Roseanne’s ratings I said, Mark, how big were they, they were unbelievable!’ Over 18 million people, and it was about us! They haven’t figured it out, the fake news hasn’t quite figured it out yet,” he said.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny contributed to this report