Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed this Memorial Day on CNN:

-- Subtropical Storm Alberto made landfall in Florida and threatens to ruin holiday outings in the southern United States with risk of bringing heavy rain and flash floods.
-- President Trump honored fallen service members at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.
-- Ellicott City was still recovering from a devastating 2016 flood. This time it is much worse.
    -- Oil prices surged to a three-week high last week. Now they're falling fast. Here's why.
    -- One woman's visit to the New Jersey Shore on Memorial Day weekend ended in handcuffs after a police officer punched the woman during an attempt to detain her.
      -- Is there a new rap supercouple? Eminem responded during a concert to the rumor he's dating Nicki Minaj.
      -- Starbucks stores around the United States are closing tomorrow for anti-bias training. Here's what you need to know.