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It has been a week, y’all. And what a week it has been.

From Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s first major speech to some senators standing out in front of a gas station, here are some of the GIFable moments the week had to offer.

Newly minted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave his first major policy speech, aimed at how the US will move forward with its policy toward Iran. Before beginning, Pompeo took a deep breath. In the words of modern philosopher Ma$e, “Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go,” Mr. Secretary.

This week we witnessed history when Gina Haspel was sworn in as the first female director of the CIA. Putting your hand on the Bible and raising your other hand to the sky is kind of like giving a high five to God.

It’s appropriations season, which means Cabinet secretaries are out in full force explaining why they need money. If they need any inspiration, I believe the “Collected Text Messages of College Students to Their Parents” is available in any mother’s home. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ reaction here, by the way, indicates how it usually goes for most college kids.

I live for a sports visit to the White House. (Ball is life, after all.) And despite what some people might say, NASCAR is a sport. Driving in most crowded places is a sport, honestly. NASCAR just kicks it up a notch. At an event honoring Martin Truex, Jr., President Trump cradled this helmet like a baby. You have to be gentle with headgear designed to withstand at least 100 times the force of gravity.

I think Sen. Pat Leahy was spending his time before a hearing talking about taking pictures. Either that or he was recapping the Netflix show GLOW. I’m going to go with the photography angle on this one, seeing as Leahy is a noted photo bug.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is still sporting what is probably the best eyewear in the Cabinet. It’s Friday – aren’t most of us throwing our hands up in the air asking why it’s not 5 p.m. yet?

Sen. Chuck Schumer and some of his colleagues pointed out that gas is very expensive right now. Literally pointed it out. The best part is that, as of Friday, the gas station they stood in front of was 80 cents more expensive than its nearest competitor. Granted, it was the closest one to the Senate office buildings, and who could blame them for sticking close to the office? It’s hot out.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was back on the scene on Thursday, doling out hugs, as he is wont to do. Is he just Biden his time before running for president in 2020? Who knows.

Here’s President Trump waving goodbye to the press before leaving for the Naval Academy commencement. Have a good weekend. Bye!