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May 25, 2018

This Friday, we’re explaining why an upcoming summit between the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea was canceled, and we’re delving into a sports controversy concerning rule changes and the U.S. National Anthem. That’s followed by a look at how a home is literally slipping through the cracks in Hawaii. And we wrap with “water taxis” that are giving test rides in Paris.


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1. Name the president of Venezuela, who won another six-year term in a controversial vote that was held on Sunday.

2. Name the two countries discussed on Tuesday’s show whose trade tensions have eased following their pledges to work toward a new agreement.

3. What substance forms “laze,” a mixture of sulfuric acid and tiny parts of glass, when it hits the cool water of the ocean?

4. What U.S. retailer, which was discussed on Tuesday’s show, is in serious trouble following declining sales and a dramatic plunge in its share prices to “penny stock” status?

5. What Asian island country has built “Supertree Grove” in an effort to enhance greenery and raise the quality of life for its residents?

6. A U.S. government investigation aims to determine how an informant who spoke to Trump campaign advisers in 2016 was used. For what agency did the informant work?

7. China recently launched a satellite to act as a relay station for a mission to what part of the moon?

8. James Harrison, who’s been instrumental in saving millions of babies’ lives in Australia, recently retired at age 81 from doing what?

9. What country called off an upcoming summit between two leaders that was scheduled to take place on June 12 in Singapore?

10. What U.S. sports league, which made news this week for its rule changes concerning the National Anthem, was founded in 1920 as the APFA?


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