Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Thursday on CNN:

-- President Donald Trump announced he was canceling the planned summit with North Korea. Here's how it fell apart.
-- Eight women have accused Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, according to an exclusive CNN report. They say it happened on movie sets, at his company and in interviews. The actor responded after the report published.
-- President Trump posthumously pardoned Jack Johnson. The black heavyweight boxer was convicted in 1913 for taking his white girlfriend across state lines.
    -- Trump praised NFL team owners for requiring players to stand during the National Anthem, and suggested those who don't stand maybe "shouldn't be in the country."
    -- School shootings are becoming so depressingly common that a new law in New Hampshire would give teachers a $100,000 death benefit if they're killed in one.
    -- Two Ebola patients escaped from a treatment center this week, and authorities are worried that the virus could have spread.
    -- These 911 calls show the terrifying moments after a cougar attacked two mountain bikers near Seattle.
    -- Get ready for an above-average hurricane season in 2018.
    -- When an asteroid hit the Earth 66 million years ago, it wiped out three-quarters of all plant and animal life on Earth -- including the dinosaurs. These were the unlikely survivors.
    -- These strange boxes are popping up in airports.
    -- In a New York Times interview, Jessica Walter talked about her claim that "Arrested Development" costar Jeffrey Tambor verbally harassed her.