Jet Li tells fans he's 'feeling great' after shocking viral photo

Actor Jet Li seen in 2014 at the New York Stock Exchange.

(CNN)Martial arts champion and film star Jet Li spoke out on Wednesday for the first time since a viral photo prompted alarm about his health earlier this week.

"I would like to thank all my fans who expressed concerns about my health," Li posted on Facebook along with a few photos of himself.
"I'm doing great and feeling great! I'm excited to share with you all a few projects I am working on in the near future. For now, thank you all for your concerns!"
Li is best known for action films like "Romeo Must Die," "Kiss of the Dragon," and "The Expendables."
    The 55-year-old star was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, in 2010, a condition that affects metabolism and heart rate. Li first spoke publicly about his illness in 2013, assuring fans he was facing the challenge "head on."
    This isn't the first time fans have worried about Li's hyperthyroidism. After rumors in 2016 that his health was deteriorating, he told The Strait Times, "There is nothing to worry about."
    However, widespread concern was reignited by a fan photo posted earlier this week showing a slightly stooped Li with sparse white hair on his mostly shaved head, purportedly at a temple in Tibet.
    Fans worldwide expressed disbelief at the stark difference between the photo and Li's famously youthful appearance.
    Posts on Weibo and other social media speculated that it was a sign of his declining health, while others insisted it was simply bad lighting.
    Li's Facebook statement seemed to calm some fears. "So happy and relieved to see you are doing great," one commenter wrote.
    "I'm so happy you're okay now," said another.
    Jet Li listens at the Clinton Global Initiative in Hong Kong on December 3, 2008.