Elizabeth Hurley says Meghan Markle will be a 'fantastic asset' to the royal family

(CNN)Elizabeth Hurley believes Meghan Markle will have a seamless transition into the royal family because of her Hollywood roots.

"I kind of look at the royal family as being a bit like show business," Hurley told CNN at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Gala on Thursday. "Every time they go out, it's like they're on a red carpet. They're scrutinized, they're looked at. She's had that anyway because she was a major television star -- and a very talented one -- and a beautiful young woman who everyone wanted to talk to."
The British actress added, "I have a feeling she's going to be a fantastic asset to our royal family."
Hurley currently stars on the E! series, "The Royals," a fictional show about the British monarchy.
    "Having a fabulous actress marrying into the royal family, there is a slight little tinge that it's a bit more like our show now," she said.
    At her wedding to Prince Harry on Saturday, Markle has chosen to begin her walk down the aisle alone -- an unprecedented step for a royal UK bride. As for whether she will forgo another tradition by not wearing a tiara, Hurley is holding out hope that Markle will wear one.
    "I think she should wear a tiara and I think it should have big rocks in it," Hurley laughed. "I think she should wear the Queen's best one!"