These satellite images show how lava has seared neighborhoods in Hawaii

Updated 2:23 PM ET, Wed May 16, 2018

(CNN)To get an idea of just how drastically lava flows have scorched the areas surrounding Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, take a look at these satellite images from DigitalGlobe.

Tall trees and lush jungle lined parts Luana Street in Leilani Estate before the lava flows. Now, volcanic rock covers asphalt; homes and the vegetation have turned to ash; and burnt trees lie on their sides like toothpicks.
Further east on Hawaii Highway 132, vast swaths of greenery are blistered black as a long scar oozes lava.
As Leilani Avenue curves west, the satellite images shows smoke wafting off a lava flow. It clean through Kaupili Street. Another, much larger lava flow is just doz