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Green Chef is a meal subscription service that can be tailored to your diet

Boxes include diets such as paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and keto

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Dieting isn’t easy. For many, it involves significant meal prep and planning, cleaning out their pantry and fridge of foods not approved on their diets, and avoiding scenarios in which they might cheat with junk foods. It’s more than just a change-up on the foods you eat – it’s a lifestyle change.

Some diets are harder to manage than others – paleo, for example. On this food plan, you’ll have to cut out dairy, grains, starchy vegetables, sweeteners (both artificial and natural) and processed foods. Because it’s restrictive, it makes grocery shopping a more methodical and demanding process. You’ll have to read every label to ensure all the ingredients you’re buying are compliant.

But these diets aren’t impossible. There are plenty of tips, tricks and tools to help you master them and keep you on track. One of our favorite diet hacks is Green Chef, a meal kit subscription service that features recipes for a number of harder-to-follow diets. It offers a variety of meals for diets including keto, vegan, paleo and gluten-free. There are even protein-specific choices: carnivore, which is heavy on the meats and fish, and omnivore, which also includes vegetarian dinners. Members choose their desired diet and get all the ingredients and recipes delivered straight to their doorstep weekly.

Green Chef

Currently, the subscription starts as low as $10.49 per meal. You can choose the two-person plan (three dinners for two people a week) or the family plan (two meals for a family of four per week). The prices increase based on what diet you choose.

We recently tested the service and were impressed with the overall quality of food, ease of preparation and Green Chef’s thoughtful, eco-friendly packaging. We tested out the keto package, which included a shaved steak Thai salad, chicken with almond sauce and cod piccata. The meals arrived packaged in materials that were all either recyclable, reusable or compostable, which is true of every box from Green Chef. All three meals were fairly quick to make (around 30 minutes each) and came with high-quality, fresh proteins and vegetables. Green Chef is also committed to providing only organic ingredients, which means you’ll never find foods with GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics or steroids used in their cultivation.

But the real highlight for us was the taste. All three meals were delicious, making the service completely worth it. It’s a great option for those following one of these diets. It will save you time grocery shopping and provide a tasty meal you might not have cooked otherwise.

Green Chef proves that dieting doesn’t have to be difficult or boring, and that makes it more likely you’ll stick to the diet you’ve chosen.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.