The surprise coalition of Trump critics supporting the Kim Jong Un meeting

Washington (CNN)Most Americans who disapprove of President Donald Trump overall tend to disapprove of how Trump is handling just about every issue. That is, except for his upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to the latest CNN poll.

A broad 62% of Americans who say they disapprove of Trump overall say they actually approve of the President's decision to sit down with Kim, announced for June 12 in Singapore after this survey was conducted.
That's far higher than virtually every other measure on various other issues for the President: Only 25% of Trump disapprovers say they approve of how he's handling the situation with North Korea in general and only 20% say they approve of how he's handling the economy -- both among the President's highest marks overall in his first 16 months in office.
    It just gets worse from there: Only 12% of Trump disapprovers say they approve of his foreign trade policies, only 10% approve of his relationship with Republicans in Congress, 9% for the US relationship with Iran, 8% for his foreign affairs in general, 7% for his handling of immigration and just 3% approve of his top Cabinet officials.
    The broad 62% support comes as a sharp climb up from 43% of disapprovers who said they backed the decision in March. (Support from disapprovers for Trump's handling of the situation with North Korea overall and the economy are also up from 9% and 12% in March, respectively.)
    The unlikely coalition supporting the meeting with Kim includes 68% of women, 67% of liberals, 65% of nonwhites and 62% of Democrats -- all groups that tend to disapprove of the President by wide margins.
    Still, the good news for the President seems not to have tipped the scales of his overall disapproval numbers. His approval rating overall stands at 41% in this survey, essentially even since March, though up slightly from last fall.
    The survey found that most disapproval of President Trump is based more on his personality and leadership than on his actual policies or issues. A majority of Americans who disapprove of the President, 54%, say their view is driven more by his personality and leadership qualities.
    The poll was conducted just before three American detainees returned to the US from North Korea early Thursday morning. The American President is poised to meet face-to-face with Kim in June.
    This CNN poll was conducted from May 2-5, 2018 among 1,015 adults overall. The margin of error is ±5.1 percentage points among Americans who say they disapprove of Trump.