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Harvey Weinstein’s criminal defense attorney calls him “lonely and angry” and said he believes his client’s accusers are not telling the truth.

Attorney Benjamin Brafman gave “BBC Radio 5 live” an inside look at their legal strategy and what Weinstein’s mental state is now.

Weinstein, who is under investigation for alleged sex crimes in New York, Los Angeles, and London, has repeatedly denied any allegations of “non-consensual sex” through a spokesperson. He has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 80 women.

In the BBC interview Wednesday, Brafman said that he believes the cases against his client are “legally defective or factually not supported.”

“This case is one of the strangest cases I’ve ever been in and I think at the end of the day, if you look at the media here, five, six, months ago, the chief of detectives who has since retired was announcing with great fanfare that the arrest of Harvey Weinstein was quote ‘imminent’ close quote,” Brafman told the BBC. “Well, within five months down the road and he has not been charged by anyone in any jurisdiction.”

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Brafman said that he speaks to Weinstein about 20 times a day and describes him as “lonely and angry” at times. He pointed out that Weinstein lost his job and his family over the accusations.

As for whether he thinks Weinstein will be indicted on charges in any of the current investigations, Brafman told the BBC, “I hope not and I don’t know.”

He added that he worries about Weinstein’s ability “to get a fair trial.”

He acknowledged that his client may have behaved inappropriately, but says he did nothing illegal.

“We are not attempting to demonstrate that Harvey Weinstein behaved elegantly throughout his professional business,” he said.

CNN’s Melanie Schuman contributed to this story.