What happened this week (in anything but politics)

(CNN)A red dress. A spicy performance. And ink to seal the deal. It's time for this week's politics-free news.

A cut above the rest

Blake Lively's dress was so massive it needed its own transportation. This is how she arrived to the Met Gala.

    A musical tribute

    This was not the performance they expected. But fans got to see the Backstreet Boys spice up their lives.

    A life-long bond

    How did the Avengers celebrate the success of 'Infinity War?' They assembled in a tattoo shop.

    A golden arm

    He saved the lives of 2.4 million babies. Here's how he did it.

    A novel technique

    A soldier lost her ear in a car accident. So doctors grew her a new one -- in her forearm.

    A battle royale

    New York and Tennessee both claim Long Island Iced Tea was created there. Now there's a fight brewing.