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Women voters are significantly more likely than male voters to say sexual harassment will be important to their vote for Congress this year, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS released on Wednesday.

Fifty-two percent of men say sexual harassment is extremely or very important with 47% of men saying the issue is moderately or not that important to their vote. Far more women (63%) say it’s extremely or very important and only 36% rate it as moderately or not that important.

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Other subgroups who rate sexual harassment as an important issue in their vote for Congress include Democrats (80%), liberals (79%), those who disapprove of the job Trump is doing as President (78%), and non-white voters (70%).

Sixty-four percent of people who say they are enthusiastic to vote in their 2018 congressional election rate sexual harassment as an important influence.

Sexual harassment is not one of the top issues of importance for either gender, but it displays the largest gender gap in the poll. Women are more likely to consider any issue important to their 2018 vote than men. In general, they rated topics anywhere from 1-point to 11-points more important than men did.

Far outstripping sexual harassment as an issue of importance were the economy, health care, immigration and gun policy. Women rated these issues significantly higher than men with 85% of women saying the economy and health care are important to their vote and 81% saying the same about immigration and gun policy. The top issues for men was the economy and immigration.