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Macron warns US Congress: There's no Planet B
02:49 - Source: CNN
Washington CNN  — 

Six more US-based scientists have been selected to take part in French President Emmanuel Macron’s call to “Make our Planet Great Again,” which was announced in response to President Donald Trump pulling the US out of the Paris climate agreement.

Tuesday’s announcement says French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovations, Frederique Vidal, emphasized that there is an urgency to counter climate change. It adds that the joint initiative by France and Germany offers the international scientific community to increase its efforts in battling climate change.

The US-based scientists are part of a larger group of 14, and come from a variety of universities like Yale, MIT and Florida State, among others.

In December, another group of scientists won similar grants and an invitation from the French government.

According to the statement Tuesday, which was translated from French, some of the projects in the new group focus on issues like the impact of climate change on biodiversity and the effect on the oceans.

“On the climate there is no plan B because there is no planet B,” Macron said when he addressed the situation in June 2017, adding that it is a “mistake, both for the US and for our planet.”

Macron reiterated this message when he addressed Congress while visiting the United States last week. During his speech, he addressed several aspects of Trump’s agenda, and encouraged the US to rejoin the agreement.

“I am sure one day, the US will come back and join the Paris agreement.” Macron said. “Let us face it: There is no planet B.”

CNN’s Tal Kopan contributed to this report.