May Day protesters demand better rights for workers

Demonstrators at a May Day rally in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday May 1.

(CNN)Demonstrators across the globe took to the streets on Tuesday to demand better working conditions, as part of rallies marking International Workers' Day.

Held on May 1 each year -- known as May Day -- the rallies date back to the 1880s.
At the time, labor movements around the world were campaigning for safeguards such as eight-hour workdays and trade unions. The date of May 1 was chosen as it coincided with the anniversary of the Haymarket affair in Chicago, where police killed four people at a peaceful protest after someone threw a bomb into the crowd.
Today, trade unions and human rights campaigners continue to mark the day with rallies -- here's a look at this year's protests.


    Activists smash windows of a McDonald's restaurant after it was hit with petrol bombs during a May Day rally in the center of Paris.
    About 1,200 hooded protesters took part in May Day protests, during which a McDonalds restaurant was attacked with a Molotov cocktail, police said.
    Photographs show extensive damage to the building, with protesters kicking in smashed windows. Footage also showed damage to a Renault car dealership, as well as other businesses.
    The McDonald's was extenstively damaged in the protests.