A group of Central Americans crossed into Mexico in March as part of a migrant "caravan" heading to the United States border.
CNN reporter follows migrant caravan to US border
04:34 - Source: CNN
Tijuana, Mexico CNN  — 

Slowly but steadily, caravan migrants who trekked across Mexico are pleading their cases to US authorities on why they should be granted asylum.

More than half of them have now been accepted to begin processing by US authorities at the border with Mexico, Alex Mensing – whose group, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, organized the caravan – said Wednesday.

Caravan organizers said 63 Central American migrants began asylum processing on Wednesday, bringing the total of those accepted for processing to 88.

On Tuesday, 17 Central American migrants were taken in by US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) for asylum processing, said Viridiana Vidal with Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

The group was predominately made up of mothers and their children.

However, CPB says it processed 28 between Monday and Tuesday.